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Taking some time…

Yeah, there hasn’t been an update, and I’ve neglected the site.  For that, I’m truly sorry.  Life has been a bear and not left me with any free time to work on this project.  However, the time away had me look through everything I’ve put up, and, well, it isn’t up to my standards.  I’m taking some time away from this project to hone my skills, decide what I’m going to do with this project and come back to it hopefully this summer with a new perspective.  There are a few other projects I am going to pursue as well.

Another delay

Sorry, but midterms are this week and spring break is next week, so there won’t be a page today (obviously) or next Monday.  I will, however, be taking this time to hopefully come up with a buffer so this doesn’t happen again.


Yay, I’ve now got a plug-in that fixed the comic order, so now the most recent comic is showing where it should, namely on the first page. That’s one down!  Still won’t be the first page this coming Monday up, but the next Monday will have the first page for chapter one.  I’m still experimenting with some stuff and hope to get things a little more refined on the creation process.