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Dark Thoughts

This page was created on a tablet pc laptop from start to finish.  Usually I will do my pencil sketches the old fashioned way with pencil and paper, but for this page I used Alias Sketchbook for the sketches.  I’m starting to get a little more comfortable with the digital medium, and it’s taking less time to finish the pages as a result. 


As you can see in this page, I’m playing around with different highlighting methods.  Still haven’t come up with one that I like yet, that feels right.  There are a few more that I’m going to try and I’m also going to try out different software.  This page is a bit wordy, and manipulating the word bubbles was a pain in the ass.  I need to work on saying more with fewer words.  I also think there probably should have been some transition panel between the commander and the lieutenant being on screen. 

In the beginning…

First page is up.  This is basically just a hobby to get me back into drawing and art again.  Digital medium is new to me, so as I experiment I expect the style to change until I get comfortable.  For anyone who stubled across this page,feel free to post any comments, just know that I’ll delete anything that I think is rude, crude or anything in between.  Constructive (and I do mean constructive) critism always welcome.