Yes, the obligitory character intro part.  I decided this part was best done like a band-aid, just do it in one stroke and get it over with.  I was really liking the art on this one until one of the two programs that I use to create these screwed up the color layers, and I’m so sick of looking at this page I didn’t have the energy to fix it.  This is another page that was done all digitally, which I’m finding I like more and more.  It just takes three times as long.  I’m not sure why either.  This page took me longer than any of the other pages, hands down.  I did this page a little differently, I actually hand colored the flats layer instead of using the polyginal lasso tool, and that might account for a lot of the time spent.  I really liked it though, it was actually more engaging and a lot more fun manually coloring this page rather than just clicking and filling.  I need to find a compromise in time and enjoyment.