Chapter One Begins

First page of the new chapter is up.  I’m somewhat pleased with how some of the art came out, and then somewhat appaled at the way it came out.  Such mixed feelings.  I’m getting more familiar with photoshop and digital mediums, but I still have a long way to go. 


Yay, I’ve now got a plug-in that fixed the comic order, so now the most recent comic is showing where it should, namely on the first page. That’s one down!  Still won’t be the first page this coming Monday up, but the next Monday will have the first page for chapter one.  I’m still experimenting with some stuff and hope to get things a little more refined on the creation process.

A Warm Reception

Wow, the art on this one sucks.  Sorry about the delay on this one, I was having problems with Photoshop, namely it being a pain in the ass.  I’m still not totally happy with what I’m putting out, and I was hoping to be somewhat more familiar with digital mediums by this point, but I’m not.  The learning curve is a little steeper than I though.  I also haven’t found any comprehensive tutorials that do more than show how to click buttons and add filters.  I want to know how to use the tools at my disposal and what they can and cannot do, not how someone else uses them for a particular effect.  Also, still haven’t gotten the stupid page bug fixed so the first page still shows instead of the most recent.  I’ll be working on that as well.  For now, chapter one will be delayed for a week or so until I get everything up and going.  I’m hoping to get the first page of chapter one up on February 18th.  I’ll let you know if it will be delayed any longer.